STATE OF CALIFORNIA - CALIFORNIA DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN RESOURCES EXAMINATION / EMPLOYMENT APPLICATION STD. 678 REV. 7/2019 Page 1 State of California Application Instructions Read the following instructions carefully before completing this application. Please complete the application on a computer or print in ink. If you have questions regarding your CalCareer account you may contact the CalHR Selection Division. CalHR Selection Division 1515 S Street Room 500N Sacramento CA 95811 866-844-8671...
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Who needs a std 678 2013 form?

New candidates for employment in California need to fill out std 678 form to accomplish a positive settlement about whether their qualifications meet the requirements of the employer and state.

What is std 678 2013 form?

After you locate an exam or vacancy which you have determined you are qualified for, you will need to complete a State application. Std 678 state application form is used by the employer to obtain a full portrait of the applicant: education, qualifications, experience, history of working experience, etc. The information you furnish will be used to determine your eligibility, and/or may be the basis for arriving at your final rating in an examination.

Is std form 678 accompanied by other forms?

You must be prepared for the fact that you will need to provide documents about education, certificates, testimonials from previous employers. However, no special form is necessary to accompany this one.

When is std 678 2013 form due?

Std 678 CA employment application form must be submitted by the final filing date as indicated on the exam or vacancy bulletins. Overdue applications will not be considered.

How do I fill out std 678 CA application form?

The sixth page of the actual form contains comprehensive instructions for completing the form. Anyway, you'll have to provide your personal details, information about your education, qualifications, and previous jobs.

Where do I send std 678 2013 form?

Completed California employment application and other related information must be submitted to the department administering this examination. Std 678 2013 form and other confidential information will not be returned. Inspection of examination papers can be done through the California Department of Human Resources' website at

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing std 678
Instructions and Help about std form 678

To apply for job vacancies or take examsyou will need to create a state application STD 678 To get started makesure youre logged in to your Cal Career account Click on the application templates STD678 tab on the left and select create new template Once you land on theapplication template screen you will need to complete each section Begin with filling out the application template section The name should correspond tothe examination you are applying for For example if youre applying for the CookSpecialist I examination you would write Cook Specialist I The nextsection is the exam title or job title section Input the examination title asdone in the previous step For examination purposes you will skip theeligibility section Proceed to the general questions section Please respond to each question accordingly After completing this section click the Save Template button at the bottom of the page Scroll to the top of the page andclick on the Education tab Complete each section that applies to you Click theSave template tab Scroll to the top of the page and clickon the Experience tab Complete each section on this page To add experienceyou will need to click on the add employment record button underemployment history Complete each section Ensure your start date and end date hasbeen documented Failure to do so may result in a delay in your examinationresults Also be sure to document the hours per week that you worked at eachjob this is important for examination purposes Save each job in youremployment history then click the Save template button atthe bottom of the page Please note if you are currently employed with thestate and have held multiple positions document each position you have heldseparately Click on the Save template tab Congratulations Your stateapplication has been created If necessary you can print your applicationusing the print application template button at the top right of the page Youcan also view all of your saved application templates by clicking on theapplication templates STD 678 tab on the left-hand navigation bar To save your application to a PDF file click on the applications template tab on the left column The applicationtemplate screen will show Select view edit template At the top of the templateyou should see print application template click on the link Select theExport Exam Application to PDF tab You will be prompted to open or save the PDF Follow any prompts to save yourapplication to your device It is recommended you save your application as your first and last name Congratulations Your application is now saved on yourcomputer Dont forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and ring the bell toreceive notifications when we upload new informative and helpful videos